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Lubrifiant PEDROS chaine SynLube 120




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Lubrifiant PEDROS chaine SynLube 120, résistant idéal conditions humides et terrain gras, ...

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Lubrifiant PEDROS chaine SynLube 120, résistant idéal conditions humides et terrain gras, 120ml 4oz, FLACON.



Recommended for e-bikes and City Bikes

Pedro’s Chainj has been engineered to provide superior wear protection and lubrication under high load with increased performance in wet conditions, reducing wear to drivetrain components by providing low friction and high efficiency.


Chainj is a proprietary vegetable/synthetic chain lubricant engineered at the molecular level to associate ionically with metal surfaces creating a protective barrier, and keeping it there, for added life and increased anti-wear properties. As an added bonus, Chainj is biodegradable and a great solvent helping to remove contaminants from the chains.

Chainj is a fantastic chain lubricant with many properties that also make it a good general purpose lubricant. In a case of two metal surfaces coming in contact under a load, the vegetable oils are more slippery, enabling the metal surfaces to slide easier, reducing friction. Additionally, the negative charge, molecule size, and viscosity of Chainj makes it a much better penetrant versus synthetic lubricants. This is beneficial when trying to unfreeze rusty bolts, as these products are able to get into the cracks and help to remove these frozen bolts. This also makes Chainj great for many tasks such as lubricating derailleur pivots and cables, loosening stuck hardware and components or removing gunk.

  • Dissolves and isolates dirt for lasting performance in mixed conditions
  • Superior durability, wear protection and lubrication
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, vegetable/synthetic formula